In Depth: Plan

Plan : Plymouth Harlow is a new zine by Bridgette Ashton and Kitty Wingate with written contributions from  Darren Hayman.

Ashton is an accomplished artist who works in a wide range of media from drawing and printmaking to video and still photography. This particular project is an A5 size zine composed of photographic work by Ashton herself and Kitty Wingate. The purpose of this zine is to draw close comparisons architecturally between Harlow in Essex and Plymouth in Devon.

The images are photographed in black and white and have an abstract quality they focus on the  and architectural forms of the two areas.

Real interest and beauty is created in the way the images are photographed and the way some shots break down their structures into these simplified shapes and views. This is a really well laid out and photographed work that makes the boring beautiful. In fact, in its subject matter it has qualities of both Stephen Shore and Martin Parr.

Alex Bailey


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