In Depth: Shoe Tales

We are pleased to announce Shoe Tales will be attending.

The Shoe Tales project documents connections between people and their footwear, and play with the art of letter writing and sending messages through the post.
Blank postcards have been left around a variety of public spaces up and down the country, with brief instructions on how to tell a Shoe Tale, and the address to post your contribution to.
The postcards recieved tell tales of borrowed, old, beautiful, ugly, well travelled, impractical, prized, oversized and never worn shoes, to name a few. Shoes left behind in childhood. Shoes with a memory or moment attached to them. What is your most memorable pair of shoes?

This is a communal project that anyone can be involved in and enjoy.   In this instance, the diverse range of postcards contributed create one big story about people and their shoes, conjured by many memories, imaginations and voices from all over the world.

Ellen Hembrow


One response to “In Depth: Shoe Tales

  1. Shoetales will be showing at the Milkwood gallery from 24th Sept- 18th October, as part of the Made in Roath Festival!

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