In Depth: bookRoom

Agree/Disagree/Not Sure, by Allan Forrester Parker

The bookRoom is a research cluster based and funded by The University College for the Creative Arts at Farnham, including members of staff from the photography and arts departments.

Formed in 2004 and led by Anna Fox and Emmanuelle Waeckerlé, the bookRoom engages in a critical analysis of the development of the book, the magazine or published work as a vehicle for artistic representation posing questions on key issues about design, structure and editorial control. Interest lies in the evolution of the book, made by artists, designers and photographers evolving into more conventional publishing such as monographs and illustrated books. Particular interest lies in the role of the photographic book as an autonomous art form and the role of the photographer, as designer, writer and publishers.

Personal interest in bookRoom for me lies in the relationship between photographer and the re-presentation of their work in book form, and how the design, writing and publishing affects the reading of the works.

The bookRoom engages in the creation of photographic book and has published works from staff and students predominantly in the photography department.



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