Offprint Paris 18-21 NOV

(c) JSBJ 2010

Four-day publishing extravaganza anyone? The highlight of the weekend of Paris Photo this year is bound to be Offprint Paris – which looks set to be a fantastic celebration of independent photography book publishing with a fair, portfolio reviews and signings, all held at Kiron Espace from the 18-21 November. The organiser, Yannick Bouillis has selected an international array of artists and publishers from Errata Editions of the US and ArtBeat Publishers from Japan to the exciting home-grown collective Je Suis Une Bande de Jeunes. After a little spying we were really pleased to see JSBJ recently featured Sarah Pickering in their new publication Bruit De Fond/Background Noise, who last year had a solo show Holding Fire, here at Ffotogallery. The group’s founders, four French photographers working between Paris, Lyon and New York, have been showing and launching their creations in cities all over the world, including Chicago, Athens and Madrid. With a mission to not only self-publish their own zines and work on collaborative publications (pictured) they also continue to feature photo stories from international photographers, with over 50 artists already showcased on their website. We’d also like to take a moment to get excited for previous BAF contributors Bemojake and DoublePlusGood Books – as they too will be exhibiting at Offprint! Including the contributors mentioned here, this fairs’ line-up is over 65 ‘acts’ strong, so to all you lucky ones in Paris next weekend – do take a worthwhile detour away from all the fuss of the main event and head over to the safe-haven n soul of the party… 10 rue de la Vacquerie, 75011 Paris.


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