In Depth: Mule Press

Bridgette Ashton and William Teakle have put together a lovely zine called Horses Animals Hunts Queen Mother Tall Ships. It’s displayed in this video which emphasises the physical aspects of looking at and touching a book, and we like that because it should encourage you to come down to the Book Arts Fayre on the 25th!

Horses Animals Hunts Queen Mother Tall Ships from Mule Press on Vimeo.

Ashton and Teakle have used a selection of found images, presenting their chosen theme of ‘the erotic representation of women’ in contrast to lots of white negative space. It’s a neat idea to reflect the fetishisation of  feminine curves with unusual page layouts, and makes the most of the book format where blank space is something we take for granted. There’s also something pleasantly tactile about it, highlighting the difference between a book that we’re usually allowed to touch and a framed piece that we generally aren’t.

This won’t be the book’s first presence at a fayre or festival, it has previously been to Photoleggendo in Rome and at LeGarage at this year’s Rencontre d’Arles festival.


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