In depth: Pet Galerie

If you’re planning on coming to the Book Arts Fayre in search of some interesting and lovely new books, then you are in luck as Pet Galerie Press will be there.

Pet Galerie’s books really win you over with the narratives that run through and the chosen topics that have a real warmth to them . It’s like the feeling of community being captured in the pages.

Below are a few images from the handmade version of Mrs.Derrick’s Blankets. This is a charming book documents the process and journey of crocheted blankets for a cats and dogs home.

Whilst browsing through the archives of work online I’m really interested in how the tactile has been translated into print. The way textures have been flattened in the process and then spring out again in your mind upon viewing. It’s the way the books are put together and images themselves that really evoke this feeling.

This is only enhanced through the whole ethos of Pet Galerie which is about creating the atmosphere, bringing a little slice of their style and transporting it into a space or nook or just about anywhere they’ll fit. As the website explains this idea was inspired by Pet architecture (a term coined by Tokyo based Architectural studio Atelier bow-wow).

You can have a sneek peek at the editions and the impressive back catalogue of works and projects via the Pet Galerie website.


2 responses to “In depth: Pet Galerie

  1. which ~rt fair are you talking about pleasse??xx

  2. Hello Lynda,
    thank you for reading! This is our blog for the annual Book Arts Fayre held in Ffotogallery at Turner House in Penarth, Wales.
    Here is the website:
    with directions of how to find us here:
    Hope you can make it!

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