In depth: Dave Kent

It’s less than a week to go for the Book Arts Fayre now so I hope everyone is looking forward it!

Through the range of contributors and styles of work coming to the B.A.F. Dave Kents’ work has caught my attention. His beautiful and interesting seaside images that really capture the feeling of being there. Even on a small scale it draws you in and makes you form questions about what you are looking at as if you just happened to come across these things whilst out walking.

This image from the ‘settlement’ series particularly interested me.  It’s hard to believe that they are real structures and not plastic monopoly houses. But I love the idea of them being so unique despite their uniformed appearance, a theme Dave continues to explore throughout this work.

Dave has made a couple of zines (shown on his website) that document exactly what the titles suggests ‘A Series of Walks’, that do very well in taking you along the journey with them.

It captures perfectly exactly the kind of things we soak up whilst on such walks, not only the stopping for a few minutes to take in a beautiful landscape but also that intrigue and wondering  ‘what’s that over there?’ or ‘what are those people doing?’ and these are exactly the kinds of questions we will be asking on Saturday at the Book Arts Fayre!


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