In Depth: Ibolya Feher

Ibolya Feher‘s ‘Sisters of Sclerder’ is a wonderful series of photographs offering a glimpse into the lives of the Sisters of Sclerder Abbey, a Carmelite Monastery in Cornwall. A product of Feher’s ‘long- term interest in every day life and spirituality’, the images combine warmth with mundanity. Most of the images look as if they’ve been taken at a youth centre, a local church or a neighbours garden, but there’s a warm glow to them that seems otherworldly. I love Feher’s use of light which is reminiscent of religious paintings but never in a heavy-handed way that ruins the relatability and naturalism of the image.

‘As a photographer I was aiming to be non judgmental and my project reflects my personal view of how I saw the Sisters and their life during my visits.’


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