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Great BAF5 Success!

This year’s event was bigger and better than ever before. Particular thanks to all the contributors – it has become an almost international affair, with people coming from as far afield as Salford and Germany (thanks Craig and Kathrin)! Seriously though, a great effort by everyone. Feedback has been wholly and enthusiastically positive to date. Here are a few photos of the day..

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Foxy’s Deli will be selling special homemade cupcakes tomorrow at Book Arts Fayre!


In 4 days time, Turner House will open its doors to Ffotogallery’s 5th, biannual Book Arts Fayre.

Packages, large and small, have started arriving on our doorstep, an order for Penarth’s finest cupcakes has been left with the baker, and last minute reminders are flying out left, right and centre.

Even BBC Wales has got our back !!

You’ve had all the relevent information for AGES…

: SATURDAY, OCTOBER 9th, 2010, from 11am

: Turner House, Plymouth Road, Penarth, Cardiff, CF64 3DH

: FREE ENTRY (plus free cuppa !)

So, see you there? Great, see you there xx


In Depth: trigger editions

Ffotogallery is pleased to introduce Sarah Trigg who will have a stall this years Book Arts Fayre. Sarah will be launching her new artists book as well as holding a bookmark making workshop. She will be using old withdrawn library books to create bookmarks, and for only £1.50 everyone can get involved and create their own!

Sarah has created these bookmarks previously as seen above for the UWE Infiltrating the library project. To find out more about this project

In Depth: bookRoom

Agree/Disagree/Not Sure, by Allan Forrester Parker

The bookRoom is a research cluster based and funded by The University College for the Creative Arts at Farnham, including members of staff from the photography and arts departments.

Formed in 2004 and led by Anna Fox and Emmanuelle Waeckerlé, the bookRoom engages in a critical analysis of the development of the book, the magazine or published work as a vehicle for artistic representation posing questions on key issues about design, structure and editorial control. Interest lies in the evolution of the book, made by artists, designers and photographers evolving into more conventional publishing such as monographs and illustrated books. Particular interest lies in the role of the photographic book as an autonomous art form and the role of the photographer, as designer, writer and publishers.

Personal interest in bookRoom for me lies in the relationship between photographer and the re-presentation of their work in book form, and how the design, writing and publishing affects the reading of the works.

The bookRoom engages in the creation of photographic book and has published works from staff and students predominantly in the photography department.


In Depth: Shoe Tales

We are pleased to announce Shoe Tales will be attending.

The Shoe Tales project documents connections between people and their footwear, and play with the art of letter writing and sending messages through the post.
Blank postcards have been left around a variety of public spaces up and down the country, with brief instructions on how to tell a Shoe Tale, and the address to post your contribution to.
The postcards recieved tell tales of borrowed, old, beautiful, ugly, well travelled, impractical, prized, oversized and never worn shoes, to name a few. Shoes left behind in childhood. Shoes with a memory or moment attached to them. What is your most memorable pair of shoes?

This is a communal project that anyone can be involved in and enjoy.   In this instance, the diverse range of postcards contributed create one big story about people and their shoes, conjured by many memories, imaginations and voices from all over the world.

Ellen Hembrow